Strategies for playing Lucky Jet – How to win more times in the Lucky Jet real money game

To win in the Lucky Jet casino slot, you should not rely solely on luck, but also on strategies. They help to systematize the game process and increase the chances of a big prize. Strategies also help avoid large monetary losses. Therefore, their use in gambling is especially important. Let’s consider the main strategies that can be applied to the Lucky Jet game.

1. Low coefficient strategy.

Low coefficient strategy

It involves withdrawing winnings at the beginning of the game round when the multiplier is approximately х1.3-х1.5. This strategy is based on statistics, according to which Lucky Joe does not reach these indicators only once every fifteen rounds. The main disadvantage of this strategy is that it does not allow you to win a large amount, even with large bets. However, it is up to the player to decide whether he wants to take risks or prefers a gradual increase in his bankroll.

2. Martingale strategy.

Martingale strategy

It involves doubling the value of the lost bet. If the player loses $5 in the current round, he should bet $10 in the next one. If he wins, he compensates for his losses and makes a profit. However, this strategy has a significant disadvantage – a high risk of losing large sums. In addition, the Martingale strategy requires a large bankroll. However, if this does not bother the player, he can use this strategy with confidence.

3. High multiplier strategy.

High multiplier strategy

It is associated with high risks, but promises a large profit in case of a win. According to statistics, in 10-15% of all rounds, the value of the multiplier reaches х7.0 or more. The essence of the strategy is as follows: the bank is divided into 15-20 equal parts, which are sequentially bet. Most of these bets are likely to be lost. Withdrawal of funds occurs only when the multiplier exceeds x7.0. If you withdraw the prize after reaching this multiplier, it will be large enough to cover all losses.

4. Strategy of doubling bets.

Strategy of doubling bets

The Lucky Jet slot has the ability to make two bets in one round. Two bets made with luck and the right approach will bring the player a solid gain. You can bet different amounts. For example, $10 and $2. The player can withdraw the first bet with a minimum coefficient and the second some time later. And even if the second bet is lost, the player will still be in profit.

5. The first law of risk management.

The first law of risk management

To follow this tactic, the player needs to allocate capital that can be irremediably lost. As a rule, this value should not exceed ten percent of income. In money gambling, funds are lost in one way or another, and it is important to understand what amount the player is ready to part with without harming himself.

6. Knowing the measure.

Knowing the measure

The best strategy for playing Lucky Jet is to quit on time. In an online casino, the one who knows when to stop always wins. The strategy recommends that the player set a specific goal and, upon reaching the result, take a break and withdraw the money. Otherwise, the risk of losing all the money and being left with nothing increases.

7. Using the maximum prize.

Using the maximum prize

The strategy involves dividing the bank in such a way that it is possible to play at least one hundred rounds. That is, the player must use 1/100 for the bet in each gaming session. Lucky Jet statistics show that every hundred rounds, the multiplier with an indicator of x5 drops in 55 percent of cases, and more than x10 – in 13 percent.

8. Medium risk strategy.

Medium risk strategy

This strategy involves the constant expectation of a multiplier with a coefficient of x2-x3. According to Lucky Jet game statistics, the multiplier in the game reaches these indicators in 50% of all cases. Therefore, if the player loses, he needs to have enough funds in his gaming account to cover the losses and continue playing. After all, the probability of getting the required multiplier in the next round is very high.

9. Maximum bet strategy.

Maximum bet strategy

According to comments from Lucky Jet players, once every 60-90 minutes, Lucky Joe reaches a multiplier coefficient of x100-x200. This strategy involves waiting for this round. At the same time, you can bet a not very large amount, because in the case of reaching a multiplier of x100, even a small bet will become a big prize.

10. D’Alembert strategy.

D'Alembert strategy

The essence of the strategy is based on the understanding of the fact that the chance of winning increases with each loss. Consequently, with each loss, the strategy recommends increasing the value of the next bet. The main rule of the strategy is to increase the bet by a certain value in case of loss and decrease by the same value in case of a win. If the player’s first bet wins, it remains unchanged.

11. Labouchere system.

Labouchere system

This strategy involves the player determining the amount he wants to win. Next, the player must write a sequence of any numbers that, when added together, will result in the desired prize value. The first bet consists of the sum of the first and last number. If it wins – the numbers are crossed out. If it loses – the loss is recorded at the end of the line. The game continues until the desired value is in the player’s account or until he runs out of money.

12. Fibonacci strategy.

Fibonacci strategy

It consists of making a bet, the value of which is the sum of the two previous bets in case of loss. Suppose that in the previous two rounds the player bet $5 and $10 and lost them. Therefore, in the current round, it is recommended that he bet $15. If this bet is also lost, then $25 is bet on the next one. If the bet wins, the player goes back to the previous stage.

Therefore, for a productive game in Lucky Jet, players can use several strategies at their discretion. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. But they have one thing in common – all these strategies regulate the game process and allow not only to compensate for losses, but also to increase the chances of coming out a winner.